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Plakkie Ushaka (Charcoal and Yellow)

Product | Plakkie
Ushaka This iconic beach is family-friendly, with a swell that is perfect for beginner surfers. Ushaka is one of the few beaches in South Africa with a current gentle enough to allow for kitesurfing and kayaking. The charcoal and yellow Plakkies project the adventurous side of Ushaka beach in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Make sure to pack these shoes on your next journey, we want to come with you! So, where are we off to?
Author Plakkie
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TheQM – Tourniquet Holder

Product | TheQuarterMaster
From R583.63 Fieldcraft Survival Tourniquet Holders (Red Cross ) There is a saying: Life is generally boring, that is, until it is not. It is incredible how quickly a human being can bleed out once a major artery has been severed or blown apart. Should this happen, running around looking for the correct gear or even fumbling through a medic/ first aid kit costs valuable seconds. The Fieldcraft Survival Tourniquet Holder is designed to make sure that you have your tourniquet on you at all times. We at TheQuarterMaster strongly encourage all to attend a Stop The Bleed Course in your area AND then get the right Tourniquet and keep it on you. Knowledge-Training-Gear! This product is the Fieldcraft Survival Tourniquet Holder only. Tourniquet and Firearms are for display purposes only. Made in South Africa.
Author TheQuarterMaster
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